Dear Ray, Thank you so much for everything. Our move from San Francisco to Tupelo, Mississippi went perfectly. Ben and Stan did a great job of estimating the cost of our move and helped make it affordable. Everyone was understanding of my situation: expecting a new baby, limited budget, limited time. We did our best to pack ourselves efficiently and to intelligently and neatly organize all of our boxes for the moving team who came to pick up. The packing they did was fantastic and fast. I regret that I've lost their names because all three guys were professional, friendly, and a real pleasure to work with. They did a great job. Delivery came at a perfect time. I gave Michael and Max some challenges on this end but they handled it all with grace. No items were broken, nothing was lost, and they beat the noontime sun. They were accurate with my inventory, happy to separate the boxes and items I needed in storage from the items I kept out, and had completely professional attitudes. Wow. Thanks to everyone. All of you did a fantastic job for us and we are grateful. Please feel free to call on us as references and to post this letter. You did an amazing job of overseeing all of this. Thanks so much. I wish you all the best for continued success and for happiness in your life. Sincerely,