summertime moveThe summer is a good time to move because the weather, traffic, and workload can be better than other times of year. Moving can be an exciting event, but it can be stressful. These are five tips to help you take control and ensure a stress-free summertime move.

1. Start early.

Prevent unnecessary stress by making sure you do not leave things until the last minute. Weeks ahead of the move, begin your search for a professional mover. Narrow your options to ones that are polite, professional, and well-recommended. Other do-ahead items are to pack up items you will not need until after the move, and to figure out which companies you will need to notify of your new address.

2. Only move the essentials.

Why take the time to move garbage into your new home? Instead, take the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning weeks before your move. Give away, sell, or throw away clothes, furniture, electronics, cookware, and other items that you simply do not use anymore. That way, you do not have to pack and unpack them and watch them clutter your new home.

3. Take care with packing.

Make sure you use strong boxes that are taped well to avoid them breaking and making a mess of your belongings. To speed up unpacking and reduce stress on the other end, take the time to label your boxes with their contents.

4. Do not leave moving day to chance.

You are sure to experience a stressful move if you fail to plan your moving day. Instead of leaving the events of the day to chance, plan them ahead of time and do the necessary preparation. These are some ways you can make moving day easier.

– Confirm reservations, such as your appointment with your moving company, the time your babysitter is coming over, or your rental moving truck.

– Check the route from your old location to your new location, even if you think you know it. The last think you need is to be driving around an unfamiliar neighborhood with all of your worldly possessions in tow.

– Have plenty of snacks and beverages available so you do not need to break concentration to eat and drink or to feed your family. It is especially important to stay hydrated in the summer heat while you may be lifting boxes or directing the movers.

5. Get the help you need.

It is more important to limit stress than to act like a hero. Line up the help you need. You may need to hire a professional moving company to pack and haul your belongings, Do not be afraid to reach out for help in other ways, such as asking friends or family members to watch your children or pets.