Bay area long distance movers are not all the same.  If you’ve moved a long distance before, then you know that making a long distance move is an important step that requires time and careful planning.  Whether you’ve just landed your dream job in San Francisco and need to fully relocate or if you live in SF now, and have decided to move far, far away, it is important to trust your belongings to an experienced long distance moving company in the Bay area.

Your chosen moving company’s ultimate goal should be to get your belongings from one point to the other intact and on time while giving you peace of mind.  When planning your move to or away from San Francisco, be sure to ask a prospective moving company these important questions.

Do you offer flat rates?  A guaranteed price provided in-person by an in home estimate is the safest way to go

Do you offer a binding price or an estimate? An estimate is a guessed amount.  However, the final amount may or may not be in that ballpark.  If a company is willing to offer a “Binding Price” instead of an estimate, always choose the company offering the binding price over the one offering a non-binding price or an estimate.  Some long distance moving companies have been known to increase costs and add fees at the end of the move.  Protect your moving budget by making sure you have a firm quote with a binding price.

Do you offer an in-home evaluation to verify quote accuracy? If the moving company is located in your area, ask about an “in home visit” or a “per-move in home estimate”.  Not all companies offer these.  However, this is the best way to make sure your quote is accurate and your moving time estimate is realistic, and is recommended by the P.U.C. the D.O.T. and the BBB.

Avoid quotes based on weight or cubic feet.  Remember that over the phone quotes are not a guarantee.  Be wary if that’s all that the moving company offers.

Do you provide temporary storage? Planning a long distance move today to coincide with starting a new job, turning on utilities and setting up house is almost impossible. You may need to have your belongings moved ahead of time and stored or stored temporarily and then moved. While a good moving company will offer you a discounted rate for temporary storage, the best long distance movers in San Francisco will offer you a month of free storage.

Do you use your own employees or contracted help? Not all movers are the same when it comes to manual labor. Some of them hire workers as independent contractors instead of employees. When this happens, you are more likely to see careless packaging of your belongings, lost items or delayed travel dates. It is always best to work with long distance moving companies in San Francisco that use their own trucks, equipment and especially workers.

Do you provide the moving supplies and setup? If you are trekking across the country alone or with your family, you will only feel like resting when you arrive at your new home. Make sure the moving company provides packing supplies and will pack, wrap, load, transport, unload and unwrap your items if necessary. While some companies do this, not all companies include it in the price quote.  Make sure all required services are included in the quote upfront.

Now you know what to look for and what to expect from a long distance moving companies in the Bay Area.  The next step is choosing a company to work with.

Spartan Van Lines embraces the challenges of every long distance move, which is why it is rated as one of the best long distance movers the Bay Area has to offer.  When you trust your belongings and peace of mind to Spartan Van Lines, you get much more than just a moving service.

These are the services and benefits you will enjoy with us:

  • We offer free in-home evaluations for local residents
  • We use our own vehicles, equipment and workers
  • We provide packing supplies, packing services and unpacking services
  • We offer a month of free storage if you require it
  • We provide a guaranteed quote based on your household inventory
  • We are always available to answer your questions and provide helpful tips

Your upcoming move is a big step that closes one chapter of your life and starts another. Our goal is to make sure that transition is as smooth and affordable as possible. When it comes to hiring the best Bay area long distance movers, in San Francisco, picky movers choose Spartan Van Lines.  Request Your Free Quote.