Only the best Bay area Local movers will help you obtain a new appreciation for one of life’s most notorious inconveniences. While a basic Internet search will present you with a list of Bay area moving companies, a few tips will help you choose the best one.  Selection tips include:

  • Verifying a company’s experience
  • Corroborating a moving company’s licensing information
  • Asking about insurance
  • Confirming rate details
  • Searching for online reviews
  • Questioning a moving company’s service award history
  • Finding out whether the company supports local communities
  • Probing for details regarding a moving company’s specialty services
  • Asking a few moving day questions

A Moving Company’s Experience

A moving company’s experience level is an important consideration. Experienced companies know how to prepare your belongings to keep them safe during the move. In addition, an experienced company will be more likely to have an extensive record of accomplishment. This will give you a way to verify its ability to deliver the service that you require.


During your assessment of the area’s moving companies, don’t forget to confirm the business’s licensing information. Moving companies are required to apply for a unique license number from the United States Department of Transportation. Once the company provides the number, you can verify it on the government agency’s public information website. Professional companies should also have a state license to complete local moves.


As you begin contacting Bay area moving companies, be sure to ask about insurance. This will help you avoid hiring hungry college students or a group of friends who are trying to make a little extra money by moving people on the weekends. Make sure that your personal items will be covered by your renter’s policy or homeowner’s insurance during a move. If your agent advises you that your personal insurance coverage will not provide protection, consider obtaining a temporary supplemental plan.


When you begin searching for the best movers in San Francisco, confirm each company’s rate details. Often, low advertised rates fail to include extras. For instance, some moving companies charge for tape or fuel. Also, ask about seasonal rates and whether certain days of the week are more costly ones to move on than others. You may get a lower rate if you move on a Sunday instead of on a Monday. Because of regulations, moving companies can only provide estimates online or by telephone, so be sure to ask whether the business offers free onsite quotes.

Moving Company Reviews

One of the easiest ways to vet a moving company is to search for online reviews. Visit the Better Business Bureau’s website to confirm the rating a moving company has from the organization. Also, look the company up on sites like Yelp, TrustLink and Citysearch. When people have good or bad experiences with a company, they often share the details on these sites. Be sure to look for commonalities in the reviews. If the same good or bad situation turns up multiple times, it’s likely to be accurate.

Service Awards

To find the best movers in San Francisco, ask about each company’s service award history along with letters of recommendation. When a moving company has a good reputation, you know that it’s one that you can trust since people never provide glowing reviews of businesses that fail to deliver what was promised.

Giving Back

When San Francisco local movers give back, you can feel more confident supporting their business. Companies that care about their communities are usually considerate toward the needs of their clients. Community support means that a moving company is interested in obtaining and keeping local business.

Specialty Services

Bay area movers are often familiar with navigating old buildings, but make sure that your preferred moving company is comfortable working in your specific building type. Also, ask if the company’s moving crew will measure the doorways, stairs and elevators before they begin the job. Request preparation tips to ensure that you’re ready. For instance, some companies may want you to empty dresser drawers while others are willing to move full ones.

Moving Day

To be prepared for the day of your move, ask local movers in San Francisco if their service includes wrapping your furniture and delicate possessions as this step prevents damage. Also, confirm how many movers the company will send to transport you to your new place. Keep in mind that more movers mean less time spent moving. Ask the company to give you an estimate regarding the amount of time that the job will take, and question the company’s overtime policy to determine if it could affect your final bill.

Last Considerations

Not all Bay area Local movers provide comprehensive service that ranges from moving your heavy furniture items to storing your possessions for a short time or several years. Professionals will load, transport and unload your belongings. When you take advantage of the services provided by a professional moving company, like Spartan Van Lines, you’ll turn a stressful situation into one that you can appreciate. Fill in the handy for to the right, to contact us for a quote today, or call (415) 969-4600.