Storage Services Sunnyvale, CA Spartan Van LinesMoving can be a pain, especially when it is thrown on you at the last minute. You scramble to try and get everything packed up, organized and ready to go. It seems like an eternity that you are spending getting everything ready to go, but it really isn’t. What would you do differently if you had the time to prepare for your upcoming move? Would you start packing months in advance or still wait until the last minute?

Essentially, you could save yourself a lot of time, hassle and headache by simply packing things up ahead of time and putting them in a storage facility. Not convinced this is really the right option? Consider some of the following reasons why storage services are the perfect choice for your move.

Save Yourself Money

If you plan on using a moving company to assist with your move, you don’t want them standing around and waiting for you to pack everything up. They are paid by the hour, so the quicker they can get stuff done, the cheaper it is going to be for your wallet. It also gets things done and out of the old house and into the new one that much quicker. If you had packed everything up ahead of time and put the majority of it into storage, you can load everything from the storage unit quickly and easily. Not only do you save money on the moving cost, but you will also save money on your gas going back and forth to get stuff out of the house.

Save Yourself Time

Trying to pack as you go can take a significant amount of time. Instead of wasting your time and energy in packing boxes just to load them up into your vehicle and take them to your new place, you should focus on loading the truck and moving on from the house in one load, not 50. Your time could be better spent doing other things you need to do. Had you put everything into a large storage unit, you could make one trip there and be done with it in a matter of an hour or two. Having to go from one room to the next can take a lot of time to get your move done.

Save Yourself Stress

When you have to rush around at the last minute to try and pack things up, it can be extremely stressful. You scramble from one room to the next throwing things in boxes and trying to remember when everything is going. In doing so, it can make the move and unpacking a lot more stressful for your family. Who wants to spend hours or days trying to figure out where the kitchen dishes are or where your child’s favorite toy went? If everything was packed up ahead of time, you would know right where to go for the items you need. Stress is gone and so is the chaos.